Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Man With a Beautiful Voice

by Lillian B Rubin, Ph. D.

this is my fourth read for the something about me challenge. i really enjoyed this book. lillian is a therapist. the first chapter she describes in depth the practice of therapy, what it's based on, what they teach, what they don't teach. she also describes what it was like once she officially had her license and had her first appointment. i was right there with her feeling her anxiety and trepidation and self-doubt. the following six chapters are separate accounts of specific patients. i really liked the way she described the journey she took with each one. you know how it started, where they went and how it ended. there was resolution and follow-up. i always want to know what happens after.

i want to eventually become a therapist. i really appreciated her struggles and her honesty. it made me think a lot and wonder a lot. what will my experiences be? will i be able to trust my intuition?

all in all it was a great book. if you want to know what it's like on the other side of the couch then this is a must-read.

lisa picked this book because she's a psychotherapist. i wonder, lisa, if you had similar experiences starting out that lillian describes?

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Lisa said...

Sorry for not answering you sooner! I was out of town.

Yes, my experiences were very similar...it's why I love this book!! And why I chose it to describe me. The process of becoming a therapist is so interesting. Another great book on the topic is "The Gift of Therapy" by Irving Yalom, or anything by him, actually...

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