Monday, November 5, 2007

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

i finished reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova this past weekend. i found it to be an amazing book! you can read my thoughts on my book blog (here).

The Historian was on the "something about me" lists of three different challenge participants. as to the reasons that they chose it, said, "I love history, I studied history at university, and I have always wished I could go on some kind of quest!" Heidijane said, "I'm an archivist and am very familiar with historical research (although have never taken it too these lengths)." and Maryanne said, "When I was young I used to believe in vampires and ghosts." it appears that all three of them were as captivated by this book as i was!

by the way, this is the sixth book i've read for this challenge. i'm hoping to get at least two more finished before the end of December.

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