Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bonnie's Five Books

Here are five good books that say "something about me":

1. Evensong ~ by Gail Godwin ~ This novel's main character is the church's first woman pastor. She's Episcopalian and I'm not, but some of her experiences are like mine when I was ordained and went into a field where I was often the first woman churches had ever had in their pulpits.

2. On Tap ~ by J. Frances Alexander ~ Chattanooga, my hometown, is the setting for this novel about the vulnerability of America's supply of safe drinking water to the attack of terrorists. Can you tell I'm also interested in environmental issues?

3. Booked to Die ~ by John Dunning ~ A mystery involving bookstores that deal with rare and out-of-print books, this book was a learning experience for me when, after retirement, I worked for such a store. Later I was bookstore manager at a store in a small town south of Chattanooga, before opening my own bookstore. In none of these situations was there a bookstore murder to solve as in this book of fiction!

4. Go Out in Joy! ~ by Nina Hermann Donnelley ~ The author shares what it's like to work as a hospital chaplain. I first read this book while in seminary, when I too was struggling to learn how to deal with patients and their relatives, especially when parents were fearful for the health of their small children. My group of intern chaplains was assigned to a large hospital in Atlanta, and I prayed I would not get the pediatric ward. You did notice the word "children" above, right?

5. The Dance of the Dissident Daughter ~ by Sue Monk Kidd ~ This nonfiction book chronicles Kidd's religious awakening and transformation. Although we have arrived at somewhat different places, we both had to work through the patriarchy in our religious traditions. "Awakening" is a great word for what I felt when I reached a point in my life when I could articulate what I believed and why.

Lisa, I can't figure out how to put this list in the sidebar. I don't have that option. You control the template, while we are able to control only our own posts.


Lisa said...

Oh, I didn't realize you can't access the settings. If everyone posts their list in the same way Bonnie has done here, I'll post them in the sidebar. If you want to make changes after the fact, just post saying so, and I'll change it!

I love your choices, Bonnie! What happens if I want to read all of everyone's books? eek!

Wendy said...

Oh, you have some great books here...how will I choose?!?!?

Madame Rubies said...

The Sue Monk Kidd book was already on my wishlist. I am also addign Evensong. :)