Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lisa's List and other sundries

I'm so excited to see everyone joining this challenge!! Now I just have to find a way to maintain my anticipation all the way to August! Many bloggers asked me to make it a fall challenge because there is just so much going on in the way of challenges right now, so that's why we're waiting. It will be fun just to see all the reading lists unfold.

Many people have also asked how in the world I came up with such an idea. I'm a psychotherapist, so my whole life is built around getting "nosy" in people's business. I guess that leaked into my blogging personality as well. I started to wonder about some of you, based on your reading personalities and reviews. Hmmm, I wonder if ___ ever ___? I thought this would just be a fun way to get to know each other a little better while staying in the context of books.

My choices explained:

  • Lying on the Couch by Irvin Yalom. Yalom is one of the greatest living therapists, in my opinion, and he's also darn good at fictionalizing the profession in a way that's entertaining.
  • The Man with the Beautiful Voice is also a therapy reference, this time non-fictional stories that Lillian Rubin tells about her actual experiences with clients (Yalom has some great books like this too, but I didn't want to oversell him!)
  • Tracon - I was an air traffic controller for 11 years and my husband is still doing that work...I have a big place in my heart for the profession and the troubles they are currently in (see www.mainbang.typepad.com)
  • The Gate Seldom Found is a fictionalized history of the traditional Christian home church that I am a member of
  • Living your Yoga -- I love, love, love yoga, and I think this is a great book about the practical principles of yoga (doing no harm, building community, etc) that describes my path but would also be interesting to non-yogis.


Wendy said...

This is such a good idea, Lisa. I hope I can pick at least one book from each list! But, we'll see :)

Your list looks interesting!

3M said...

The Gate Seldom Found looks good, but I don't know if I'll be able to fit in a "chunkster". I'd like to read it sometime, though, if not for this challenge.