Saturday, June 23, 2007

Diane's List

  • Sea Glass; Anita Shreve (FIC)
  • Nantucket Nights; Erin Hilderbrand (FIC)
  • Charred Souls; Trena Cole (NF)
  • The Art of Mending; Eliz Berg (FIC)
  • How Reading Changed My Life; Quindlan (NF)
  • Why Men Never Remember & Why Women Never Forget; Legato (NF)
  • The Inn at Lake Devine; Eleanor Lipman (FIC)
  • The Loop; Joe Coomer (FIC)
  • An Inconvenient Wife; Megan Chance (FIC)
  • Feline Mystique; Cleo Simon (NF)

1 comment:

kookiejar said...

I very much enjoyed 'The Inn at Lake Divine', Diane. Why did you choose that one?