Saturday, October 6, 2007

So Many Books - Heather's Review

Today, I finished reading So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. I read this for about a billion reasons. Natalie liked this book, and it was on one of the Something About Me lists. It is about books and reading. The cover is cute. I love memoir-ish writing. The list goes on. Why had I not read it before now? Too many of my friends read it. I tend to be contrary when it comes to things that are popular. It took me forever to give in and read the first Mitford book. Sadly, it bored me. A part of me fears the same for any book my friends like. What if I don't like it? What if I do and then I am just part of the crowd?

Well, I loved So Many Books. The author writes with a voice that appeals to me. I can relate to her addiction to books and reading, even when our taste seems vastly different. For instance, she enjoyed Her by Laura Zigman and I remember the book being shallow and boring. However, there are other things we have in common, such as our love for Dorothy Parker.

I emailed Sara and told her how much I love her book, and she replied quickly. I know, and you know, that writers are just people, but it is still immensely gratifying to have an author I admire acknowledge me. I can remember my excitement over a handwritten letter from Nicole Johnson (Fresh-Brewed Life) and a few friendly emails exchanged with Jodi Picoult. These encounters make me more loyal to these writers. They make me happy.

I loved reading about some of the concepts that came up in So Many Books. One was double-booking. Since, I was triple-booking when I read this. In the carpool line at Haydn's school, I read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and I have a copy of Jacob, Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson on the end table in the living room. I read bits and pieces of it. No danger of mixing these books up. One involves Christians hiding Jews during WWII and one is the young adult story of twins who are unequally loved. Neither can be easily confused with a book of essays on reading. I also loved the idea of journaling a year's worth of reading. Granted, I already keep track of every book I read in list form and in my Library Thing database. However, that is very sytematic. I would love to share how I choose what to read, sometimes, and how I react to a book rather than just a short review of the story and writing.

I am very VERY glad that I finally delved into this book. It was pure delight.


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twiga92 said...

I enjoyed this book too. It was a lot of fun to read.