Friday, July 6, 2007

soleil's list of reads

i have narrowed my list down to ten books. since this challenge goes on until the end of the year i am pretty confident that i will get through these quickly and be able to add more books. but i am starting out conservatively.

1. Canterbury Tales
2. Crime and Punishment
3. Fairies: Real Encounters with Little People
4. Grimm's Grimmest
5. The Memory Keeper's Daughter
6. The Undomestic Goddess
7. The Princess Diaries
8. Twilight
9. Uglies
10.Oh my Goth

the books on the lists that i have already read:

Anne of Green Gables
Bridget Jones' Diary
Little Women
Fahrenheit 451
The Red Tent
The Lovely Bones
Flowers in the Attic
The Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Anna Karenina
Like Water for Chocolate
Twelfth Night
Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl
The Awakening
Charlotte's Web
A Wrinkle in Time

if i could read all the listed books i wanted they would be:

The Secret Life of Bees
The Never-ending Story
A Room of One's Own
Mrs. Dalloway
All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
A Short History of Nearly Everything
Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons
Bait and Switch
Because it is Bitter and Because it is My Heart
Einstein's Dreams
I am the Messenger
Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading
Living Your Yoga
Lying on the Couch
Me Talk Pretty One Day
Memnoch the Devil
Nicholas and Alexandra
So Many Books, So Little Time
The Childless Revolution
The Echo Maker
The End of Faith
The Historian
The Redhead Handbook


valentina said...

yay! I never thought someone was gonna choose "my" Fairies: real encounter with little people (which by the way is by Janet BOrd,not Bard.)
I completely loved this book and it's one of the reason why I chose to go and visit Ireland. I ended up living there:)

Juli said...

I almost picked Uglies. I'll have to check back to see how you like it. I read Crime & Punishment for AP English 15 years ago. I wonder how it would be now? Enjoy your books!

Rhinoa said...

HMm we aren't reading any of the same books unless I get around to some of my alternatives. Will be interesting to see if you enjoy them or not.