Saturday, December 29, 2007

Diary of a Young Girl

I finally got around to reading Diary of a Young Girl (the story of Anne Frank). I had, of course, read my fair share of excerpts from this in school, but I never read the whole thing. Pattie has raved about it and it made her Something About Me List, so I bought a copy. Actually, I think I got my copy off of Bookmooch. Anywho. It sat in my room and did not get read. I am not sure why I had trouble picking it up.

So, I added it to my Baby Steps Challenge list. Still, I procrastinated.
Finally, I picked it up, unwilling to greet the new year without having completed it.

It was wonderful.

And sad.

I knew Anne's story well enough to know it was NOT a happy ending kind of book, but I knew little enough about the details to not feel like I had read the last page first. I found the diary so real and honest. It reminded me of my OWN diary from that age. When I would find myself thinking Anne was sounding like a spoiled brat, I realized I had too at that age. The point of a diary is you CAN sound like a brat, b/c no one else will ever read it. In Anne's case, the world has seen her good and bad side.

The story is universal as far as teen girls go.


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chica said...

This book is very close to me.. I read it about the same age as Anne was when she wrote it. To read her account of experiencing similar emotions but in such a tragic situation was very powerful at that age. I think I will always list it as a book that influenced me in some way.