Sunday, September 2, 2007

So many Books, So little Time by Sara Nelson

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I had this as one of the books on my list for people to select from - I picked it because it described how I felt after I discovered blogging - and challenges :) My first reading challenge was to read 52 books from my TBR pile during the year - trouble is - as I read from the pile - more get added to it. So...I have so many books and so little time :)

Then I realised that I had to select from other people's list - to learn about them. Fortunately - other people thought this book described them as well - so I was able to add to my reading list for this challenge!

My review: Sara Nelson decides one sleepless night to journal all the books she read for a year - in fact she adds a further challenge for herself - she will read one book a week.

She then made a list of books she'd been meaning to read but never got to, or finished, for various reasons. She kept the initial list shortish so that she could include the occasional impulse purchase or recommendation.

This is not so much a book of one review after another - it is more about the thought processes behind reading - how moods affect what you read - it IS ok to not finish a book, good books don't necessarily make good movies, and the location of the read affects your opinion of a book. This is the reason why it is ok to read "Beach Reads" in the summer - light, fluffy and entertaining is more suited to a holiday than an in-depth tome.

It is an easy read - the sort of book you can dip into for a while then put down and do something else. it is a bit like reading a blog - but you get to do it in the comfort of your bed - not sitting in front of a screen - so is more warm and fuzzy :)

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twiga92 said...

I enjoyed this book. It wasn't really what I expected. It is funny to see how much alike book readers can be - the process that we go through in picking a book, etc. My review is here