Friday, September 21, 2007

So Many Books, So Little Time

I posted a blog on my site about this book, but here is a little of what I had to say about this book:

Although I am not really a non-fiction fan I did think this book was a good book. I felt this book was well written and I did enjoy hearing about some of the books the author read, but I felt the purpose of the book was better figured out on your own than explained. It was interesting to hear about how the books came to be on Sara's list and what she thought of them, and I could easily see how and why lovers of books love this book. There were many people who chose this book for their "Something about me" choice and with this many lovers of books I completely understand.

I was a bit blunt in my own blog because I wouldn't choose to read this book again and I would only recommend it to others that enjoy non-fiction. I am glad that I read it and I think it gave me a great insight to those of you that are experiencing this challenge with me.

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