Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chocolat by Joanne Harris

Good gosh, I love chocolate. Just the very thought of it makes me salivate and crave its luscious goodness. I selected Chocolat as part of this challenge because I love chocolate so much - and it looks like Chasida and maybe Margo do too. Thankfully, I was not disappointed by this rich tale.

To those of you who have only seen the movie, this book is a different story. It's a darker, more spiritual story of Vianne, the "witch" who comes to a small French village with her young daughter to open up a chocolate shop at the beginning of Lent. She's embraced by several already-outcasts of the village and hated by the village priest, Reynaud, who sees her as a threat to the power he believes he has over the village.

Vianne is a multi-dimensional, smart and driven woman whose character I thoroughly enjoyed. Her intelligence and wit keep her one step ahead of those who are out to ruin her. I also enjoyed her daughter, Anouk, who is wild and smart and impish like many young girls. Her spirit is contagious and fun to read.

I highly recommend Chocolat to readers who enjoy a tale of good food, good friends and good indulgences - and not afraid to see the darker sides of things held in high regard, such as the Church, marriage and good health. Like the delicious enrapture of my favorite dessert, Chocolat is a delightful, almost sinful reading treat.


valentina said...

Ah ah we read the book at the same time and almost had the same thoughts!:)

Jill said...

I noticed that as I was posting my review. I wasn't expecting the book's "dark side" as I watched the movie first, which was lighter and more humorous. Have you read Joanne Harris's Five Quarters of An Orange? Another great book!

valentina said...

No I haven't. I'll keep it in mind though.

soleil said...

i loved this book when i read it years ago. and i noticed that the movie was very different as well. book is definitely better in my opinion.

naida said...

great review...I'm actually reading this one now.