Wednesday, August 1, 2007

soleil's first read

Uglies is my first read for the something about me challenge. i have been eager to read this book since i have heard so much about it but i wanted to wait until the challenge officially started. i read it one sitting.
this is an absorbing read about a dystopian society where people are separated based on their looks and ages. when children are youngsters they are called littlies and live with their parents whom are called by name, not by mom and dad. once children reach age 12 they go to uglyville where they live in dorms, have very rigid rules and are monitored by interface rings. across the river is new pretty town where the older adolescents are free to run wild and do whatever they want. the uglies have to wait until their sixteenth birthday before they can become one of the pretties and move to new pretty town.
there are some who don't want to become pretty. they know there is something far more sinister happening. their bodies and faces aren't the only things being operated on, but their brains are too. . .

i highly recommend this book, especially if you like scary dystopian fantasies in the vein of Brave New World, etc.

this was from faith's list. i don't remember why she picked this book particularly but i do know that she loves this book and has recommended it several people. i can see faith being a combination of tally and shay. i don't think she would ever ever betray her friends or entertain the idea for a second but tally seems to be the true heroine. shay was the one who initially wanted to run away but she is a fickle girl and faith's not like that. she prizes her intelligence and her noncomformist ways. thanks for the great read, faith. i am desperate to read the other two!

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Becky said...

So glad you enjoyed! I love this series.