Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh My Goth

In this young adult novel (chosen by the amazing Stephanie for the Something About Me Challenge), Jade Leigh is a goth girl (you know the type, black lipstick and black nail polish) whose arch enemy, Mercedes (the kind of girl who enjoys wearing pink) makes high school life pretty much unbearable for anyone who is 'different'. In this respect the novel is quite realistic. I know, because in high school I was 'different'. Some would say I still am.

Anyways, as punishment for their constant fighting they are put into a virtual reality game wherein the majority of people in the town are goth and the 'freaks' dress normal (whatever that is supposed to mean). I guess they were supposed to get a taste for each other's situations and come to a better understanding for one another. Which, predictably, they do.

Maybe Goths are different in other parts of the country, or maybe today's young Goths are different from the Goths in my day, but I just never believed that Jade was a real Goth. It seemed like she just lived on the surface of the lifestyle. I've known lots of really dark Gothgirls and I can't imagine any of them reacting to Jade's predicament (sudden popularity in the virtual world) the way she did.

My favorite part was where Jade discovered her normally boring, conservative teacher has spiked hair in the virtual world. The stuff where Jade shares her first kiss was sweet, too. However, I breezed through this one in under 2 hours and it left me ultimately unsatisfied.

This in not the book's fault. It is a light, funny, breezy novel. I just don't care for YA novels. That is my failing. I chose it because it was the only book on Stephanie's list that I hadn't already read and she is one of my favorite bloggers. So, thank you Stephanie for helping me step outside my comfort zone for a little while.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys YA novels, especially ones with strong, smart, independent female heroines.

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alisonwonderland said...

I just don't care for YA novels.

i've been thinking about that since i read your post, and i'm wondering why you don't like YA. is it something you can explain?