Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tracon by Paul McElroy

Twiga's Review:

This book was on Lisa's list and is actually the reason I decided to sign up for the challenge. I had this book already in my TBR pile so I knew that there would be at least 1 book that I would want to read for the challenge.

I enjoy aviation-related books and this book is about the life and job of an air traffic controller. Highly stressful yet the main character loves what he does and enjoys the challenge and adrenaline of "pushing tin". However, his worst nightmare happens when a mid-air collision occurs and they must try to find out the truth behind why the accident happened. Was it the computer system or a human error?

I enjoyed this book, there was some mystery and romance in it. It was interesting to read about what is involved in the job of being an air traffic controller. Not a job I would want!

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