Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

this was really good! it was a fast quick read. and i did enjoy the movie version years ago but the book is so. . . much. . . better!

mia thermopolis is your average high school freshman. she's on the fringe, not pretty (in her words) or popular. she bemoans the fact that she is 5'9, wears a shoe size 10 and an A cup bra. she describes her hair as being 'shaped like a yield sign.' she is in fact adorable. i love that she wears combat boots with her school uniform, is strictly vegetarian and is a devout greenpeace follower. she is so sincere yet so clueless when it comes to boys and the finer aspects of being a girl. this book is written in a diary form complete with algebra notes and little to-do lists.
it was a very quick and fun read. and now i want to read the rest. the movie really condenses the story and kind of twists things around.

i got this from kathrin's list and she said that "This book is for the child in me. I enjoy being like that from time to time. It makes life a bit easier, more fun, more enjoyable..."

thanks kathrin for the recommendation! i wonder if you are at all like mia and lilly. . . ? i love how they are nonconformists and are opinionated and stand up for their beliefs yet also have wacky fun. i love how mia finally learns to assert herself and wises up early to josh's (read most popular boy) antics and tells him off and stands up for herself. i wish they had had that in the movie. . .


alisonwonderland said...

my kids and i love the film, but for some reason i never thought about reading the book! i guess i'll have to do that! thanks, kathrin and soleil, for the recommendation!

what'sinyoursoul said...

Loved that book! Mia is so hilarious.


tinylittlelibrarian said...

Yeah, the movie was a pretty sad imitation. I loved this one, too, although I'd had enough by about the third book - it's getting to that point of having too many in the series, now. But I love Meg Cabot and the first book is definitely fun.

Kathrin said...

Glad you liked it, soleil!

As for your question: I think I'm a bit like Mia and Lilly, though not completely... I'm definitely no conformist :) I remember spending the breaks at school either with a few friends or with a book actually. And pretty much everyone was rather alienated by my love for books and reading... (among other things LOL)