Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trish's List (Finally)

I am sorry I'm getting this out so late. I'm not sure why I'm apologizing to all of you :) I've been Internet-less for about 3 weeks and I'm currently using hubby's labtop, which I hate using because its difficult to type on. Hopefully our Internet will be hooked up early this week so I can catch up on everyone's reviews, as well as my own blog. Urg (we've been on vacation and moving...which is why no Internet).

My list (with alternates, which I'm not sure we are allowed to do but am listing anyway!):

The Thirteenth Tale (Kristen)
Like Water for Chocolate (Maryanne)
High Fidelity (Rhinoa)
Sea Glass (Beachreader and Library Lady)
Pride and Prejudice (Bookworm and Pattie)

The Other Boleyn Girl (Margo)
Bell Jar (Holly and Soleil)
The Robber Bride (Ellen)

Basically I picked these books because I already own them or they are not already cross-posted with other challenges. I'm bored to pieces with my George Washington biography, which is why I'm braving the hard-to-use keyboard to post my list--and find another book to read. :)

Happy reading!


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